Subnetworks corresponding to the 11 mesonetworks of metabolism are listed below.

Subnetworks are metabolic diagrams of biochemical reactions and molecular interactions that make up the metabolic system. These diagrams group enzymes responsible for functionally related metabolic pathways into reference network maps named ‘pathways'.

Mesonetworks are upper level categorizations that group subnetworks that have similar functional capacities.

1. Carbohydrate Metabolism (CAR)

2. Energy Metabolism (NRG)

3. Lipid Metabolism (LIP)

4. Nucleotide Metabolism (NUC)

5. Amino Acid Metabolism (AAC)

6. Metabolism of Other Amino Acids (AA2)

7. Glycan Biosynthesis and Metabolism (GLY)

8. Metabolism of Terpenoids and Polyketides (POL)

9. Metabolism of Cofactors and Vitamins (COF)

10. Biosynthesis of other Secondary Metabolites (SEC)

11. Xenobiotics Degradation and Metabolism (XEN)

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